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Raft Airdrop: Wave 1


Wave 1 of the RAFT airdrop is intended to reward the users who contributed to Raft's growth and success during the early phase of the project. This includes users on both Ethereum Mainnet and Base. A total of 604 wallet addresses qualified for the Raft Wave 1 Airdrop.
Wave 1 has four main sets of criteria with a point system to allocate the number of tokens per segment. You can be in multiple segments if you have met the criteria, giving you additional points.
37,500,000 RAFT has been allocated to this airdrop wave, representing 1.5% of the total RAFT supply. The snapshot was taken on September 28, 2023, mainnet block 18235432.


The table below provides an overview of the qualifying actions for Wave 1.
The distribution graph shows the amount of RAFT allocated per segment.


v1 Users
Raft saw great success with the launch of v1 vaults. Primarily supporting liquid staking tokens to generate R. Points are awarded based on the amount of outstanding R generated through the v1 vaults.
v2 Users
v2 vaults were launched to improve the long-term sustainability of Raft. Users of v2 vaults at the time of the snapshot were allocated points based on the amount of R generated.
Liquidity Providers
Liquidity providers who supported the R pools are integral to the growth of the Raft ecosystem. Points are allocated based on the liquidity provided in the various eligible pools.
RR Holders
R Savings Rate has seen great success, offering fixed yield to Raft Savers across Ethereum mainnet and Base. RR is the receipt token for users who deposit into the R Savings Rate. This category rewards those Savers.